Who Will Win The F1 Australian Grand Prix

The F1 Australian Grand Prix is the opening race in the 2014 season and it will be held from thirteenth to sixteenth March. This has been the tradition for more than a decade where the Australian Grand Prix is usually the first race of the season except for the 2006 and 2010 seasons. This year’s race will be held at Albert Park in Melbourne. The race will entail 58 laps with each lap being 5.303 km and the total distance being 307.574 km. The schedule of the race is that the first and second practice sessions will be on the first day which is 14th March. The third practice session and the qualifying round will be held on the second day which is 15th March. The main race will be held on the final day which is 16th March.

This year’s F1 Australian Grand Prix is expected to be very competitive especially because of the various developments that have been undertaken by various teams. However, some of the teams are still experiencing some problems which might reduce their chances of winning. One of the teams experiencing various issues is Red Bull Racing which is the current defending champion. This team is experiencing thermal issues as a result of the integration problem associated with the Renault power unit. These issues have limited the number of laps that the team’s cars have been able to complete in pre-season testing. The other teams experiencing several issues include Lotus, Toro Losso, Mclaren, Mercedes, Force India and Williams. The only team that has not publicly admitted of having issues is Caterham and it proved this through covering a lot of distance during the preseason testing.

Besides the problem associated with the cars, changes in regulations and rules will also play a major role in determining who will win the race. Such changes include regulations on aerodynamics and the fact that all cars will be allowed a maximum 100 kilograms of fuel. This creates a fairer competition and it may result to a driver or a team which is not very popular winning the race.

The competency of the drivers will also play a major role in determining who will win the F1 Australian Grand Prix. A driver such as Sebastian Vetel is expected to be amongst the top drivers in the race especially considering his performance in the last season. Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen and Nico Rosenberg are also some of the drivers who are expected to give Vetel a run for his money since they are also renown drivers who have performed well in the past. Hamilton and Rosenberg are especially expected to perform well since they will both be driving Mercedes cars which have performed better that many other teams in the pre-season testing.